Outdoor Recessed LED Lighting by Ring Electric Inc.

Ring Electric had the recent opportunity to light up the exterior of a Kanata home in Ottawa with our energy efficient LED recessed lights.  The homeowner is delighted and was able to take some high-resolution pictures for us to share. It only costs pennies to run these LED lights in the evening hours. In this specific case, as seen in the photographs, the total is less then 100 watts of power.

The efficiency and cost effectiveness of LED lighting systems is driving demand for more LED lights in the Ottawa area. LED dimmer and lighting options can save up to 80% of your lighting costs.

The curb appeal for this type of LED lighting is incredible and also adds great value to the home itself as you can see in the photographs.  A programmable timer was also installed so the homeowner can let them run automatically on a pre-determined set schedule.

As an added option, these LED recessed lights could be connected to a Caseta dimmer or switch. These SMART controls could then be easily connected to your smart phone for added control options and programming for security and control from anywhere in the world.

The placement of light fixtures (traditional fixtures, chandeliers, under cabinet lights and recessed lights, for example) is an important decision that will affect the functionality and appearance of a space. We can work with you to ensure your needs and expectations are exceeded, by suggesting lighting options or new designs for an existing space or a new space, for a single room or the entire house.

Please contact us at (613) 421-4442 or visit us at our new mobile-friendly website www.ringelectric.ca for a FREE quote for all your electrical and LED lighting needs. All lighting projects include a free lighting design done by our owner and installed by one of our licensed electricians.


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