Importance of Electrical Bonding in Ottawa

Ring Electric’s rewiring electrical expertise is in high demand in the Ottawa region.  Some of the jobs are for portions of a home, a single room, and many for whole house rewires.  As homes change hands or get renovated, non-code compliant electrical wiring is often discovered.  It may be faulty connections, knob and tube, overloaded circuits, DIY wiring, or electrical wiring completed without a permit.

In Ontario, only the homeowner, if it is their primary residence, or a Licensed Electrical Contractor can carry out electrical work.  Of course this is always done under a permit from the Electrical Safety Authority.

Grounding, or as we refer to it, bonding, is critical to any electrical system to protect your family in the event of equipment failure or any contact with electrical components.  This is the primary purpose of rewiring older, ungrounded circuits.  Without proper bonding, the electrical path to the ground could be you or a member of your family.

If you or someone you know has older wiring or wiring done without a permit in Ottawa, please contact us to set up an appointment to evaluate your electrical system. The detailed electrical quote and evaluation is free.

Phone: (613) 421-4442



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