Benefits of LED Lighting Options in Ottawa!

Today we want to talk about LED and under cabinet lighting.  The difference in energy consumption for this type of lighting compared to Halogen or incandescent, is one of the main reasons customers convert to LED lighting.

LED’s use approximately 80% less power and give off a nice warm light that is very close to the traditional lighting colour.  The 4″ version of the lights is the most popular for residences with 6″ used primarily for commercial or areas where the old recessed lights were closer to the 6″ size.

The amount of light that is given off by these lights surprises most customers.  For this reason, we can install dimmers.  These dimmers work very well with the power supplies and save even more energy.  Dimming options have also been a hot seller at the time of installation.  We offer manual dimming for single pole (meaning a switch that solely controls one set of lights) or 3 way controls (where one set of lights can be switched from 2 locations).

Another big hit with our customers is the smart phone controls via a free app from Lutron and the Caseta dimmers with Pico remote.  These dimmers can be installed with existing house wiring, no special wiring needed.  All that is needed is a few Casetas and a Lutron bridge connected to your internet and you can quickly and easily control all your lights directly from your smart phone.

Our experienced, licensed electricians will review all the dimming control options via the app with you.  If you live in the Ottawa Region and would like to get a FREE quote on LED lighting or controls, please visit our recently updated mobile friendly website at and fill out the contact form.  We will get back to you within 24 hours to set up an appointment!  We look forward to hearing from you!

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