Does your pool in Ottawa need a permit?

From The Times

pool hot tub ottawa ontario wiring electricalI found this interesting article… unfortunately its not for Ottawa, ON, but for Ottawa, IL.  For accurate information regarding electrical wiring for pools and hot tubs  in Ottawa, ON, contact Ring Electric Inc. at (613) 299-8239.

Inexpensive inflatable pools purchased at any given department store can cost you a pretty penny to operate.

Any pool installed in Ottawa deeper than 24 inches above or below ground requires a permit, which costs $25 for an above ground and $50 for below ground. The permit for a fence is waived if the pool and fence permit are being issued at the same time. A 4-foot-tall fence and a self-closing gate with a child-proof latch is required either around the pool or around the yard.

“They get that pool home and (discover) the fence costs more than the pool and then they need a licensed electrician,” said Mike Sutfin, Ottawa building and zoning official. “All the sudden it’s far more than they ever anticipated.”

As the mercury climbs, city officials are seeing an influx of pool violations around town.

“We have so many issues with people putting them up without permits,” Sutfin said.

Fences are important for the safety of children, not just the pool’s owners, but also neighbors. The fence needs to be the correct material — no chicken wire, snow fencing or welded wire mesh.

The only exception for a fence is if the pool has rigid walls and is at least 48 inches tall with a deck and either a self-closing gate or lockable ladder.

Sutfin estimated about a dozen people have been found without permits for their pools. Those without a permit will receive an orange postcard in their door or in the mail. They have seven days to get a permit and to take corrective action.

“(Drowning) is a silent death,” Sutfin said. “There’s generally no splash. They go under the water and it’s over,” he said. “It’s frightening to think about it, but it happens every day in the country and we don’t want it happening in Ottawa.”

Proper electrical wiring also is an issue in swimming pools.

“There’s a requirement for the way the motor is connected,” he said.

There’s also requirements for the wiring, the breaker and the pool has to be bonded. The work needs to be done by a licensed electrician.

A La Salle girl was injured last year after being shocked by an electric cord next to a pool.

A permit application can be found at the city’s website,, under “Applications, forms and permits.” The permit explains in detail the requirements for a pool and the requirements of the National Electric Code.

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