Dangers of Electricity


Electrical Hazards in the Home—What to Look For


Electricity is a wonderful convenience for our modern lives.  However, it is not something that can be taken on by the weekend warier or handy man.  When modifying any part of an electrical circuit or adding lights or plugs, call a Licensed Electrical Contractor like Ring Electric.  Electricity can kill.


 Check your home for the following electrical hazards:


  • Frayed or worn electric cords
  • Appliance plugs “piggy backed” on a single receptacle.
  • Electrical appliances such as radios, hairdryers, shavers, portable lamps, or radiators used near showers, baths or swimming pools
  • Extension cords being used instead of permanent indoor/outdoor wiring
  • Wet floors are present where electricity is used
  • Electrical appliances that blow fuses, overheat, or spark heavily


 If unsure, call Ring Electric for a free evaluation of your electrical system.  We can make recommendations for added safety, peace of mind, and convenience.


Turn off electrical hazards in your home permanently by avoiding the following:




§  Frayed, worn, or damaged cords and extension cords should not be repaired with tape—throw them out.


§  Always turn an appliance off before unplugging it.


§  When unplugging an appliance, make sure to hold the plug and not the cord.


§  Turn small appliances off when not in use and unplug them.


§  Make sure outdoor appliances don’t come into contact with pools or puddles of water.


§  When using electricity in wet areas, always wear rubber sole shoes.


§  Never touch appliances or switches with wet hands.


§  Never fold or crumple an electric blanket.


§  Call a licensed electrical contractor like Ring Electric for any repairs needed to switches, power points, or light fittings.


§  Send faulty appliances to be repaired or throw them out. Don’t attempt to repair them yourself unless you are qualified.


§  Use plug-in covers or have us install tamper proof receptacles to prevent children from poking objects into plugs.


Make sure to place electrical appliances where children are unable to reach them.



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