Why Upgrade from fuse to breaker panal?

Why should I upgrade from a fuse panel to a breaker panel system?

Fuse panels have limited capacity to handle todays’ electrical loads.  They usually do not have enough space to add new circuits when renovating your home and often have an oversized fuse installed by the homeowner due to continuously blowing fuses on overloaded circuits.  Fuse panels were used in an era when the only household devices requiring electricity were things like lamps, radios and maybe a television. The bottom line is that fuse based wiring systems were never meant to handle the electrical load of a modern household.

When should I replace my fuse box with a circuit breaker box?

The simple answer is “as soon as possible.”  Depending on your insurance policy and the current condition of the wiring in your home.   Ring Electric can speedily and affordably upgrade your old fuse box to a modern circuit breaker panel. In older houses, fuse boxes and old wiring tend to go hand in hand. Despite this, upgrading the two are distinctly separate jobs. For instance, a circuit breaker panel can replace an old fuse panel with little or no need to remove and replace sections of your walls. However, if your home wiring is outdated or unsafely deteriorated, the task of installing new wiring virtually guarantees you will need to have some holes strategically drilled in your walls. Although we typically work on these two projects simultaneously, it is also possible to complete them in stages to lighten your financial load.

What are the main benefits of a new circuit breaker box?

While the most obvious benefit of a new circuit breaker panel is its ability to handle multiple electronic devices without overloading, there are other advantages, as well. One of the big reasons Ring Electric recommends upgrading from your old fuse panel is home insurance. Since the technology is so outdated, insurance companies look at a house with a fuse box and see an electrical fire just waiting to happen. The older your fuse box is, the higher your insurance premiums may be.   Another benefit to keep in mind is that homes with circuit breakers will also have a higher resale value than homes with fuse panels.

Do NOT Attempt DIY

If you are set on upgrading your home’s electrical system to circuit breakers, attempting a DIY operation is dangerous.  It is more than a simple question of knowing what you’re doing or having the correct tools to complete this unsafe process.   The upgrade process requires the expertise of a licensed electrical contractor.  Going it alone puts your whole home in jeopardy, as the entire house’s power supply, wiring, and circuitry are affected by this project. So, do yourself a favor, and give us a call at Ring Electric when you decide it’s time for an upgrade to your home’s outdated electrical system.

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