What To Look for When Hiring Someone To Do Electrical Work

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Hiring someone to do Electrical Work? What You Need to Know…

The Electrical Safety Authority recommends you ensure that anyone you hire in Ottawa has a valid ECRA/ESA Electrical Contractor License, such as Ring Electric Inc.

  • This ensures that they:
  • Are fully insured
  • Will arrange permits
  • Are qualified to perform the type of electrical work you require
  • Can offer a Certificate of Inspection
  • Can provide references
  • Will provide a written cost estimate of the work

ESA’s Authorized Contractor Program

The Authorized Contractor Program was developed by ESA as a voluntary program to recognize those Licensed Electrical Contractors and HVAC installers who consistently perform Ontario Electrical Code compliant work.

Participating Contractors and their customers can experience:

  • uninterrupted workflow
  • reduced electrical service downtime during renovation
  • increased compliance to the Ontario Electrical Safety Code equating to increased electrical safety
  • audits of electrical installation as opposed to full electrical inspections
  • reduced costs for Electrical Safety Authority inspection services

What Homeowners Should Know

Participating contractors should inform homeowners that they are on the Electrical Safety Authority’s Authorized Contractor Program. Homeowners should be made aware:

  • of the eligibility requirements for contractors to participate in ESA’s Authorized Contractor Program.
  • that the Electrical Safety Authority will audit a contractor’s work rather than conduct full electrical inspections.
  • of the benefits to the Program that may be passed along to them, include:

    1. uninterrupted workflow.

    2. reduced electrical service downtime during renovation.

    3. increased compliance to the Ontario Electrical Safety Code that equates to increased electrical safety.


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