33% of Residential Fires are Linked to Electrical Wiring and Equipment

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Fires caused by faulty electrical is very common, as explained in the below article.  To ensure that you do not have these unseen dangers in the Ottawa area, call Ring Electric at (613) 299-8239


Ontario’s Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) warns the public that 33% of residential fires reported by the office of the Ontario Fire Marshal are associated with electrical wiring and equipment. This includes: electrical circuit wiring, damaged or improperly rated extension cords or cables, breaker/fuse panels, light fixtures (luminaires), receptacles and switches. Fires are prevalent in both copper and aluminum wiring systems. Investigations of these electrical fires identified that 34% are attributed to incorrect or improper installation and/or procedure.

Through recent research conducted with Ontario homeowners, ESA identified that 47% of residents living in homes 15 to 50 years old have modified or replaced electrical wiring and electrical equipment. This increased to 84% for homes greater than 50 years old.

Electrical wiring is complicated and presents safety hazards if not properly installed and maintained. Homeowners are encouraged to ensure their electrical installations meet the safety standards defined in the Ontario Electrical Safety Code by engaging a licensed electrical contractor to evaluate their electrical system if they have signs of potential electrical hazards, such as: circuit breakers that frequently trip or fuses that frequently blow, lights that flicker, and signs of wiring deterioration; or if they have concerns about the qualifications of individuals who previously worked on their electrical system.

In response to concerns about unqualified individuals doing electrical work, Ontario regulation was introduced in January 2007 requiring any person operating an electrical contracting business to be licensed by the Electrical Safety Authority. Homeowners should retain the services of a licensed electrical contractor to ensure their electrical installations are done correctly and safely. In addition, when homeowners have new electrical installations installed, they should confirm with their licensed electrical contractor that an application for inspection was filed with the Electrical Safety Authority for any electrical work done on their premises, and ask for a copy of the Certificate of Inspection – their record that the installation meets Ontario’s safety standards.

When planning to do electrical work, think about the risks associated with unsafe electrical installations. Contact a licensed electrical contractor, and make sure they arrange for an electrical permit. Visit http://www.pluginsafely.ca for a list of licensed electrical contractors in Ontario.


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