Hydro Ottawa Sparks Interest of Local Students

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I found this article very interesting, its great to see schools informing students on material, advise, and current events that they can utilize and build on in their future.  This article also shows how Hydro Ottawa is taking a genuine interest in the Ottawa community.  As an electrical company we utilize the services of Hydro Ottawa often and it’s great to see this program of theirs in implementation!

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Hydro Ottawa Sparks Interest of Local Students

EMC News – Electricity was certainly in the air during a special presentation last month Connaught Public School on Gladstone Ave.

Students filed into the school gymnasium where they joined Hydro Ottawa President and CEO Rosemarie Leclair and Ontario Minister of Energy and Infrastructure Brad Duguid to celebrate Hydro Ottawa’s success in training 100,000 Ottawa are elementary students the importance of electrical safety and conservation.

“We all know that electricity is very important,” Connaught Public School principal Irene Cameron told students at the outset of the assembly. “We need electricity to light our homes, to turn on our TVs and computers and to cook our food. But, electricity can also be very dangerous. We have to be careful how we use it.”

Ms. Cameron further explained to the students how widespread Hydro Ottawa’s electrical safety and conservation program has become since it debuted in 2005, adding how fortunate Connaught was to be selected to host the milestone celebration.

“We are delighted to join you (Ms. Cameron), your students and teachers for this special celebration of a major milestone in our company’s history,” Ms. Leclair said. “It is truly fitting that Connaught Public School is helping us to mark this important achievement. That’s because Hydro Ottawa and Connaught Public School have several things in common. First of all, both your school and my company share strong roots in the Ottawa community. Just as Connaught has been here on this spot for more than 100 years, the companies that once made up Hydro Ottawa began delivering electricity to homes, schools and other buildings in our city more than 100 years ago too.”

Ms. Leclair also noted that both Hydro Ottawa and Connaught share a strong commitment to protecting the environment.

“You have programs for composting, litter-less lunches and reusable water bottles,” Ms. Leclair continued. “Your classrooms are equipped with motion sensors that automatically turn off the lights when your classrooms are empty. We have similar programs in our workplace at Hydro Ottawa. Like you, we believe that protecting the environment and conserving energy is the responsible thing to do. And like you, we’re proud of our contributions to making our world a cleaner and greener place to live.”

The third common trait Ms. Leclair spoke about focused on safety.

“At your school, you learn about personal safety in every grade,” she said. “You also have school safety patrols and several other programs to help make sure that every student here feels safe and secure. Safety is very important to all of us at Hydro Ottawa too. Our job is to deliver electricity – to keep the lights on. And it meets such a basic need that most people don’t think about electricity very much.”

Ms. Leclair went on to tell students about the safety requirements Hydro Ottawa employees need to meet when working to bring electricity into the home or when repairing any problems. She also talked about the success of the safety and conservation program, stating that Ottawa Hydro visits close to 50 schools per year with this message.

“I am so glad you could all be here to help us celebrate this special day,” Ms. Leclair said.


Mr. Duguid was next to address students, expressing to them how excited he became when asked to speak at the school.

“My job (as minister of energy and infrastructure) is to make sure when you get up in the morning and turn the lights on, that they come on,” Mr. Duguid said.

Riding a wave of enthusiasm, Mr. Duguid took the opportunity to bring forward a colleague of his who was also in attendance for the celebration.

“I want to show you another real, live politician – your very own MPP Yasir Naqvi,” Mr. Duguid said.

Working the students into an excitement-filled frenzy, Mr. Duguid convinced them to start a “Go Yasir Go” chant before things finally quieted down and he switched his focus onto the importance of energy conservation.

“Does anyone know what conservation is?” he asked. “It’s saving energy. If we don’t save energy, there may not be enough of a supply of energy for everyone else. But, if we’re all saving energy, it means we won’t have to build more nuclear plants, more gas plants, more wind turbines and so on. Our goal in life is to make sure you guys get to do the things you want to do – Yasir and Brad, we get to do whatever we want to do, and that is very important.”

In order to achieve this goal for the younger generation, however, Mr. Duguid said everyone should to do his or her part to conserve energy.

“We’re trying hard, but I don’t think we’re going to be as good at it as you guys,” he said. “You’re the ones who are going to make sure you turn off the lights and the TV – you are the ones who can make that happen.”

Mr. Naqvi agreed with Mr. Duguid, telling the students they can do so much to save energy.

“You know it all,” Mr. Naqvi said. “But, you can also talk to your parents and your grandparents and make sure they are not wasting energy. You can be the energy heroes – the energy champions at home.”

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